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In 1921, William Edgar Reynolds founded the Novelty Steel and Fire Escape Company, located at 139 Susquehanna Street in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The company officially changed its name to Reynolds Iron Works Incorporated in 1949. They remained at 139 Susquehanna Street until 1971, when it built a new facility and moved to its current location in the west end of Williamsport.

From 1921 until the mid-1940's, Reynolds Iron Works, Inc.'s primary service offering, consisted of the manufacturing, fabrication and erection of fire escapes and their components such as treads, railings, columns, stringers, and various types of other railings. Many of the fire escape components listed above were shipped all over the country for use by other fabricators in fire escape construction.

At the end of the 1940's, after a major fire in Chicago, the Department of Labor and Industry severely changed its regulations for fire escape construction, forcing Reynolds Iron Works, Inc. to curtail manufacturing fire escapes and their components and venture into other areas of steel fabrication. With its vast knowledge of fire escapes and rail construction, Reynolds Iron Works, Inc. quickly and successfully transformed its fabrication efforts to the fabrication of steel stairs, railings and light structural steel.

By 1971, Reynolds Iron Works, Inc. was fabricating more, and heavier structural steel, and has continued to grow as a leader in miscellaneous steel and structural steel fabrication. By the mid-80's, Reynolds started erection of structural steel.

By 2017, Reynolds Iron Works, Inc. continued to grow in fabrication and erection of structural and miscellaneous steel.

In June of 2017, John Reynolds Sr. became the Sole Owner & President/Treasurer of Reynolds Iron Works, Inc. due to the retirement of his 2 partners.

In 2018, Reynolds Iron Works, Inc. added two Owners: John Reynolds Jr. as Vice President and Rodney C. Lorson as Secretary.

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